Hon Mrs Mary Montagu-Scott. The year in office

I am so delighted to have the honour of being the High Sheriff of Hampshire for this year. It is a very ancient role to support and promote the work of all those involved in Law and Order in our county. Its origins go back a thousand years to the times when the judges needed actual physical protection when they came to judge the trials as they travelled around the country and the High Sheriff took them into his home for safety and stop any possible bribery or corruption.

I am looking forward to welcoming and supporting the High Court Judges who come to Winchester Crown courts for the most serious cases and all the other judges in their work in local courts such as Southampton and Portsmouth. Going back 1000 years the judiciary continues to evolve to meet the needs of our society, and despite its oddities it is widely regarded as one of the best and most independent in the world.

One area I am keen to understand and give extra support to the Prisons service. We constantly read in the media the pressure the prisons are under, with problems in retaining prison staff, the conditions for prisoners, the effects of new illegal high drugs and the terrible high rate of suicides. I hope to be able to add support to the many voluntary organisations involved in crime prevention and education, supporting the Prison and Probation staff in their line of work.

I look forward to working closely with the New Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire Michael Lane and also the Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney.

On Monday 29th May 2017 I will be hosting the ‘999 Show’ at the Beaulieu visitor attraction, an event to celebrate and support the work of all the emergency services. We are inviting the police, fire and rescue, ambulance, coastguard and many more voluntary groups and charities to attend to show off their work to the public with demonstrations and stands, raise awareness and in the case of charities raise much needed funds to support them.

There is a special offer for entry to all members of the emergency services including the NHS. Please see website for details

There is a huge amount of excellent work done by the voluntary sector in Hampshire and I hope to be able to meet with as many charities as possible, all of whom do so much for society in caring for the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and those in need as well as in education and crime prevention.

Hon Mrs Mary Montagu-Scott

Hon Mrs Mary Montagu-Scott