Duties and Responsibilities

The High Sheriff is the Sovereign’s representative in the County for all matters relating to the Judiciary and the maintenance of law and order. Each High Sheriff will approach their year differently, but the responsibilities and objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • To uphold and advance the ancient Office of High Sheriff and to make a meaningful contribution to the County by lending active support to the principal organs of the Constitution: The Royal Family, the Judiciary, The Police, the Prison Service, Probation, all law enforcement agencies, the emergency services, local authorities, the church and other faith groups
  • To ensure the welfare of Her Majesty’s High Court judges when on circuit, to attend on them at Court and to offer them hospitality
  • To support the Lord Lieutenant on royal visits and on other occasions when appropriate
  • To take an active role in supporting and encouraging the voluntary sector and particularly organisations involved in crime reduction
  • The High Sheriff is responsible for the proclamation of the accession of a new Sovereign
  • The High Sheriff Acts as returning officer for parliamentary elections

As the Office is independent and non-political, High Sheriffs are able to bring together a wide range of people within the communities they serve. They are well placed to offer encouragement and support where it is most needed.

High Sheriffs receive no remuneration and no part of the expense falls on the public purse. The appointment is for one year.